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Tag Management

Unitag is a full featured tag management solution designed for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers benefit for proper order assignment based on the actual contribution of a publisher. Publishers should receive the assigned orders properly in order to maximize the results for the advertisers within the budget contrains. Many tag management solutions provide poor integrations with publishers in measuring visits and passing order information to publishers. As a results, publishers are not able to leverage the campaign results.

Multiple Tracking Technologies

Unitag uses multiple tracking technologies like cookies, fingerprint and cross device tracking. These technologies are vital for publishers to optimize the campaigns results. Unitag measures 30% more orders than any other tag management and analytics system.

Cookie Permissions

Unitag enables you to comply with EU law on cookies. Unitag provides an easy and flexible wizard to create you own cookie consent script. Unitag will limit access to customers cookies based on these settings. Unitag is the only solution that could pass order information to channel without the need for third party cookie access!

Conversion Attribution

Unitag is licenced technology integrator of Shop2market's awarded contribution algoritm. This patented technology calculates the actual contribution of each advertisement for every publisher. Unitag will allow you to assign order to publishers based on the actual contribution.

Main Features

  • Easy to Use

    Unitag is easy to use. Just signup and select your publishers. A simple wizard will ask for the required campaign parameter and the tags are created automatically. Is your publisher not listed? For a small fee we can add those tags manually for you.
  • Cookie Control

    Third party cookies require in some countries the permission of visitors. Unitag provides a flexible cookie permission script to get the permissions in the required countries. No permission to set/read third party cookies? Unitag can still track those orders and pass this order information to the publishers
  • Multiple tracking methods

    The actual source of many orders could not be tracked because of many reasons: customers are shopping on their work and buying from home, using multiple devices, etc. Unitag is designed to maximize the tracking results. Even Unitag is not able to track all orders but we provide the percentage of orders that could not be tracked. This is typically the percentage you might add to your commission to compensate for the missed orders.
  • Awesome Analytics

    Unitag provides an awesome user interface to monitor the results of each visit and order.

Supported Channels


Unitag supports all channels. For most channels are the tags already implemented and preconfigured. Just select the channel, add you campaingn codes and the tags are operational. The tags of the supported channels guarantee the proper measurement of visits and orders between the advertiser and the publisher. Not listed channels could be easily added with a support request. We don't charge costs to support new channels we can add to our supported list. Only for the implementation of private, unknown tags we charge a fee of 65 euro.

Some channels

  • client name
  • client name
  • client name
  • client name
  • client name

Please check here the list of currently supported channels

Support & Implementation

Easy Implementation

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